About Us

Established in 2003

All of our products are all naturally coloured with some hand dyed yarn. The yarn is made of 100% pure Jacob wool. We have made and designed all of these luxurious woollen products for you to buy as a gift to give as a present or for yourself, a product that has been made in the U.K. Everyone who purchases one of our woollen products can be assured of it’s traceability back to our family farm at Halsbury in North Devon.

In 2003 the Halsbury flock of Jacob sheep was established on the Slee’s family farm in North Devon. Unbeknown to our daughter Charlotte her father had bought her three Jacob ewes with lambs for her 15th birthday. We did not realise how popular the Jacob sheep would become, Charlotte & Christopher soon put them into the show ring at local agricultural shows.

After many years of hard work Charlotte & Christopher have come home with many rosettes. We have met many Jacob enthusiasts at the agricultural shows we’re we have learnt about the great quality of Jacob sheep wool and the great taste of there meat.

The flock has now increased to a strong number of fifty breeding ewes, producing many wonderful fleeces. This is when we decided to make more use of their wool.

We have the sheep sheared once a year, we separate the wool into the colours then send it to be washed, spun, processed and made into our own throws, cushions, knee rugs, scarfs. We also produced our own Jacob sheepskins at a local tannery. It takes many months to create these luxurious sheepskins, they look stylish & feel wonderful to touch.

Recently we have branched out into knitting yarn made from their wool. We send the wool to the Natural fibre company in Cornwall for processing. Our yarn is then made into two colours a grey & a white. The yarn is made up of 100% pure Jacob wool.

We are busy working with the yarn making many different things, headbands ,mittens, hats, bow tie scarfs, children’s cardigans, ponchos. Also selling knitting kits.